Art-D web development strategy is: planning, following through and make it easy to use by the customer

Art-D offers small to medium businesses end to end online solutions. Our goal is for your website to earn your business. We’ll create a strategy based on your needs and present you with several design choices giving you a variety of mock-ups to choose from. We work with you in order to achieve a solid understanding of your mission, goals, target market and competitive advantages in order to leverage this information into a strong, eye-catching design.

Art-D is Canadian web design company and supports Canadian corporations and entrepreneurs.

Developing great advertising to support the sales and marketing process is essential in today’s competitive environment – with its escalating media costs and options. Art-D believes that the idea behind an ad is everything. It’s not about pretty pictures, fonts or varnish. It’s about coming up with powerful ideas to sell products. We don’t over inflate the complexity of the advertising business, our egos or our rates. We are happy to work with anyone regardless of size, stature or budget. We’re not big on high tone fashion.

Checklist 10 Questions to help you find the branding expert of your dreams

  1. Do they have a deep portfolio that spans many different industries, challenges and target audiences?
  2. Can they provide references and testimonials from successful campaigns and happy clients?
  3. Will they provide you with contact information so you can speak to past clients directly?
  4. Do they have education (formal or informal) or a solid background in art, design and/or marketing?
  5. Do they have verifiable credentials or professional designations?
  6. Do they have an active Linkedln page with endorsements from clients?
  7. Can they provide access to complete projects or case studies from past projects in your industry?
  8. Is the portfolio recent, and does it include both traditional and social media?
  9. Are the clients in their portfolio still in operation and still using the branding represented?
  10. Are they enthusiastic and genuine about your company, services and brand vision?


"SEO professionals. For 3 years we are holding first positions in Google organic search for "Modern furniture Toronto" keywords."
Virez Interiors
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